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Individual, couples, and family counseling
for children, adolescents and adults

Our psychologists have been providing high quality treatment and assessment in Somerset, NJ since 2001. We now also have an office in Morristown. We assist clients with a variety of diagnoses including attention and concentration problems (ADHD or ADD), depression, anxiety, grief and post traumatic stress disorder. We are experienced with individual treatment, couples counseling and family therapy modalities. For parenting or school problems, we partner with you and your children’s teachers, guidance counselor, and child study team to provide a plan tailored to your family’s needs.

We have expertise in many specialty areas such as play therapy, crisis assessment, the gay/lesbian/bisexual and trans-gender (GLBT) community, custody neutral assessments, EMDR, physical and sexual abuse treatment as well as therapeutic visitation. We offer learning assessments for adults and children, as well as evaluations for talented or gifted student programs. We treat clients from a wide array of races and ethnicities, sexual orientations, religions and social economic backgrounds. Our Somerset office is handicap accessible.
We are also an equal opportunity employer, and a member of the Better Business Bureau.

We hope this website provides you with an overview of what we can do for you. We look forward to your call.

We know that in New Jersey, you have the choice of many mental health practitioners. Making a wise decision for a better life and for your future happiness can be a challenge. Trusting your crisis, your child’s problems, your marriage or fears of divorce to someone completely new might seem like a big step. However, if you are tired of feeling stuck in anxiety, anger, confusion, or sadness, our therapists want to help you start moving forward again.

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Rule #1

You are going to fall down and break something, something really important. It is going to be painful and frightening.

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