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The First Step—Call Us
Call our main number (732-873-5570) and one of us will return your call and be happy to assist in scheduling.

Schedule An Appointment
After we speak with you, we will be happy to schedule an initial (or “intake”) appointment with you. We might also suggest that you speak with another psychologist in our practice who is more experienced in addressing your specific problem. We may even refer you to someone outside of our practice if we know of a mental health practitioner who can better address your needs. Our goal is always to assist in connecting you with the person best suited to help you. Please let us know if you have any specific requests regarding what type of therapist you would prefer.

Check Insurance Coverage & Benefits
Our office manager 732-873-5570, fax 732-873-5588) can check your insurance coverage and benefits. See the “Insurance” section on this website for more details.

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The First Step: Call Us
Speak with us about why you are seeking treatment for yourself or
someone you love.

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