10 Rules We Can Learn From Aging Parents Now

We watch elderly parents make choices we swear we would NEVER do. Yet so many of our aging loved ones make the exact same decisions!

Despite being a psychologist for 20 years, I am convinced that if I don’t write these rules down I will too one day forget what … read more

Happiness shared

This is not getting picked for the first round draft…

This is the joy of college acceptance… especially for all the teachers who need a lift


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Music Happy Break

Here’s some links to music to remind you to be kind to yourself….




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Happy Alert: Better than chasing self esteem?

Is it possible that self- compassion is the real answer, instead of constantly trying to build our and our children’s self-esteem?

Here is a video by Kristin Neff… Does she convince you?


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvtZBUSplr4&index=1&list=PLvIS8lttqENM1G-EQADPTEuWsWTRFnyOLread more